The Mosaic of Me

A mother, a wife, a professional, a friend, a woman, a coach - with all the roles we play in our lives it's important to not define ourselves by these roles. Who we are to other people, is not who we are and it's a good thing because those roles can change!

Who are you if the relationship with your partner changes? What if you lost your job or chose to leave the workforce? What happens when your role as a parent changes as your children grow?

The good news is, you are still you - but many of us don't know who that is without our roles.

Want to learn more or ready to dig deeper into who you are?

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You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

~Andre Gide

My Story

A little about me before I get to know you.

Climb the ladder, land the job, get the raise, embrace the plague of perfectionism - these were all things I was very good at and provided me with what many would consider a traditionally successful career. I managed large-scale events, rebranded companies, developed creative marketing strategies, built websites, created new positions for myself, launched an organizational culture strategy initiative, the list goes on.

Along the way I noticed two things: I continuously sought out work that was centered around people, but the work I was doing wasn't fulfilling. I wasn't free. I was reaching the goals I set so I couldn't understand why I wasn't fulfilled, until I realized my focus was on the doing and my value was measured by achievements. My power was in how perfect something turned out, how grand my performance was, as measured by others of course. I remember a time when I could sense my own power inside, but was literally afraid to look at it, almost as if it would consume me. I mean, if I unleashed it - what would others think? What if they saw me!? I could not even fathom the unthinkable - what if they did not approve of me?

So I hid who I was, with what I could do.

As I began my own journey of healing and rewiring limiting beliefs, I started to uncover who was underneath. My inner critic and I had (and continue to have) some good chats that quiet the message of not being good enough that is ultimately rooted in fear. I discovered I can be feminine and strong, creative and analytical, gentle and powerful. I learned how liberating it is to let go of how others perceive me (and the hurt that comes with it) so I can freely express myself and detach from the outcome of how it is received. Throughout this work I had the beautiful experience of becoming a mother. Through that expansion and unparalleled level of vulnerability and perceived brokenness followed by a rising and rebuilding I found it - my power, and my purpose. Now I'm here with the interest of not just what I can do, but who I can be, who I am - and how that serves you.

My work involves partnering with you to do the deep inner work that evolves, grows, gets uncomfortable and uncovers what still needs healing. It mobilizes the change sitting inside you and ignites the flame that lights the path back to who you are and where your power and purpose lie. It requires answering the hard questions, being vulnerable, and evaluating the relationship with yourself.

My story is really about other people and how I can inspire them to consistently seek clarity around who they are, and to stay curious enough, brave enough and strong enough during the journey, to experience a life of authenticity, fulfillment, and self-expression.


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