Coaching Services

Coaching is a creative process that involves guided conversation aimed at increasing your self-awareness so you can more consciously choose how you show up in life. We identify and remove inner blocks, connect to your emotions and explore how they are tethered to your thoughts, all in a safe space where you can be deeply understood and seen without judgement.

What is it like working with me? Some have described my energy like a calm ocean wave wrapped in a healing, spiritual vibration that guides where the conversation takes us. My energy invites trust to step into a safe space where deep emotions, undiscovered triggers, and self can be explored. It's a place for you to be open, let down the guard so you can feel, figure out what else you need, find who you are, and be fulfilled. Learn how to set boundaries and honor your own needs while still serving those around you. Our sessions together might feel like a reminder (or revelation) of the best version of yourself even when you've been out of touch with that person.

I've had clients say things like, "I want to lead and love in a different way. Not out of force or fear anymore." Or, "I didn't realize how much I rely on external validation and if I don't do that anymore, how do I validate myself? In fact, who am I?"

Recently, in a kinesthetic exercise with a client where we prepared to step over a line to their new reality of being good enough and acknowledging their power, the client stood at the line for a long time and finally said, "I’m not ready." But that powerful exercise gave them the awareness that they had been standing at that line for a long time and this was a catalyst for them to ask themselves what was holding them back.

Through tears, I had another client say, "I’m not worth anything unless I’m doing something and producing work. How can I redefine my value?"

Another client remarked that I helped her look at things from a different perspective and from within a part of her she never knew existed or was capable of reaching.




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